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Refreshing & Punishing. - 100%

Raptor45, December 12th, 2012

The mid 90's. A period which spawned forth an overwhelming amount of death metal/grindcore bands for the world to indulge upon. Somewhere in the frenzied mix, Aborted sprouted from the grounds of Belgium like a zombified, bloodied, disfigured, beautiful corpse. As far to chaos that music waves can reach, Aborted have been a primitive group to extreme music. Though slipping a tad off the positive radar with the release of Strychnine.213 in 2008, Aborted have recollected the weapons they kill best with. Resharpened, resuscitated, and ready to begin a slaughtering spree, the creation of Global Flatline may very well be the best extreme release of 2012. Something incredible must be in those Belgian waffles.

Unlike previous albums Aborted have put out, they now combine a strange and efficiently creepy use of ambient noises. "Omega Mortis" softly pours in, and instantly a pummeling thud crushes all hope of sanity. The post-apocalyptic feel to the intro literally poisons you. A pulse monitor carries the brief period of silence into the guillotine.

This is 43:30 minutes of pure warfare. Most recognizable, is that every track is respectively different than the next. This isn't some hyped up death metal album that sounds all the same through out. Aborted have cast the die and won the most treasurous prize out there - ORIGINALITY. Their coined melodic solos make a return and shine, if not blind, excellently out of the 13 tracks (especially "Endstille" & "Fecal Forgery").

There is just something about Sven's vocals that provide such intensity & furiosity to your day. He's grotesquely raw, vile and unique. The patterns of vocals exquisitely invite other such talents as Jason Netherton (Misery Index), and Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound). It all matches the instruments so bloody well. Forget straight forward psychotics, this album is also coated with groove. Tracks like "Of Scabs and Boils" (using much different guitar riffing patterns of previous Aborted works) and "Grime" (pulling hardcorish riffs, meshed into a pure grindy holocaust). The songwriting is absolutely brilliant and there is no doubt in my mind that a riff or two will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Last but not least - Ken Bedene. Where the hell did they find this guy? He literally tears into his drum set like a ravenous lion gorging on a torn open zebra. It's psychotic, precise, and mind blowing. Drum fills & speeds that clench one big mighty fist to fuck the planet with.

As the final track, "Endstille", begins, it leaves you with one ugly feeling. You either get goosebumps from the haunting radio clips & dissonant riffing, or you want to blanket yourself with razors and embrace the end. The ending notes & world famous speech by J. Robert Oppenheimer lets you go as if you were overlooking a destroyed city from a mountaintop. Smoldering rubble and clouds of black smoke. Which is just what this album does - FUCKING DESTROY. Let it spin and enjoy the best release metal has to offer for the year of 2012.