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I will fucking rape your soul! - 90%

broomybroomybroomy, November 19th, 2011

Aborted is one of my favorite bands. I have been watching the band every day to get updates on this album. When they finally released this single, I was overjoyed.

Engineering the Dead and Gormageddon are my favorite albums. Purity of Perversion was a little too raw (some people would use that as a positive adjective for death metal) for me, so I wouldn't really call myself an old school Aborted fan. However, I really didn't care for The Archaic Abbatoir, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture, or Strychnine.213. They were decent, but they weren't really Aborted's best work. Aborted is often labeled as "goregrind," which I feel is like splitting hairs. Aborted is death metal with grindcore influences, and grindcore is already partially influenced by death metal. That's a pretty strange paradox to me.

Anyway, the single: it is awesome and metal as fuck. The song starts off slow and ominous with some palm-muted crunching and squealing harmonics. The drums coming in halfway through with some fast double kicks that pick up the momentum and act like an omen to the upcoming metal assault. Surely enough, a sound clip of a man threatens "I will fucking rape your soul!" and it is delivered. My soul is in the process of being raped as the song is playing... in a good way. The song has the classic chaotic sound of Aborted with the guitars seemingly played to emphasize Sven's trademark mid-pitched vocals. The song sounds a lot more like Goremageddon-era Aborted than anything else, but it shows that Global Flatline should be a whole new album of its own.

I hope this album is as good as their single. Three songs off their last release, "Coronary Reconstruction" will be present on this album, which was a great EP. Very promising.