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Engineering the Dead - 93%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

Well, Aborted seemed to have matured a fuckload with this LP. Everything is tighter, Sven's vocals are more mature and consistently more serious (yet still squealed brutally). The guitarists seem to work a lot better together and the drumming suits more. They have re-recorded the song "Eructions Of Carnal Artistry", which was originally on the "Christ Denied Split", and this time it has been perfected. A lot of death metalheads say they would rather crunchy breakdowns are kept out of death metal, but when the breakdown on that song kicks in and that little sweep fill is thrown in on 0:48, I can barely decide what to do between, grinning and gritting my teeth, punching something, breaking something or fuck knows what. Funny, but good shit. I'm not too keen on the blatant Slayer rip off in "Nailed Through Her Cunt", but when you hear the great guitar work on "Sphinctral Enthrallment" (etc), it more than makes up for it. Also, nice fucking brutal breakdown on "Exhuming The Infested". Definitely a mature but still brutal death metal release. This band seem to just get better.