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The Unbridled Fury of An Ethnic Cleansing - 89%

Metaphysical_Anomaly, January 19th, 2007

Within the now ominous environment and concrete walls of Auschwitz, there is buried a skull fragment of a Jewish man named Yakim Beregin. Yakim was stabbed to death by Nazi guards after trying to smuggle food to a relative punished by starvation. Before he died, Yakim looked through his blood filled cornea's and saw Hell open it's black gates to his soul. Inside was a furious caterwauling that could only be classified as Death Metal, namely "Engineering the Dead" by a band labeled Aborted.

From the very start of this album and "The Holocaust Incarnate", the listener is given the aural gas chamber with a fast paced low scale riff section that evaporates into a mass grave of low tuned madness. During the album, the dual axe wielders synchronize themselves with deadly precision and signature groove heavy melodies, rife with tempo changes. Songs like the self titled track, the aforementioned "The Holocaust Incarnate", "Nailed Through Her Cunt", and "Skullfuck Crescendo" are perfect examples of this almost Saturday Night Fever style groove fest. Never fear though Devourment fans, Aborted didn't sacrifice brutality for melody, as you'll find a nice heavy section to your liking in "Eructations of Carnal Artistry", and another near the latter portion of "Sphinctral Enthrallment" which, ironically, is my favorite song of the album.

As for the man behind the kit, the drums meet nearly all expectations set for them. We hear many examples of Frank utilizing rolls, blast beats aplenty, and tackling difficult tempo adjustments with ease. Take heed of the massive drum section near the end of "Sphinctral Enthrallment". Now close your eyes for a second and picture your face where his snare would be. If you don't open your eyes screaming from the image of your facial bones fractured and your jaw mangled beyond recognition, I believe you have no pulse and should be cremated at once. As always, Sven belts out a multi-toned, low to high, vocal bludgeoning. The song "Nailed Through Her Cunt" really accentuated the range and vocal capacity Sven has in him as well as his ability to groove right along with the music as his lyrics provided. I cannot stress this song enough at slumber party sing-alongs.

Leaving no skull unsmashed, and no body un-unburied, this quintet from Beveren, Belgium improved upon their powerful debut to produce one hell of a sophomore album. More so than any other Aborted album, the songwriting flourished in a way not duplicable. The rhythms and melodies were purposely set to give many sections a place to collapse into heavy low toned riffage and upscale melodies, translating in lay man's terms to a headbangers delight. Without a doubt, this is Aborted's finest hour, and is recommended for any fan of Death Metal with more groove than John Travolta's parachute pants and more brutality than an all snuff film festival.