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Unrelenting fucking bruality - 90%

MalignantTyrant, June 1st, 2012

Aborted are one of the bands that got me into brutal death metal. This album and Goremageddon are some of their greatest works for sure. But I guess I am in the minority when I say that I like this album better than Goremageddon. Yes, yes I know Goremageddon had its moments, but it did not have the pounding brutality that this album has. I dare even say that the production is weaker as well. On this album you will hear sickening vocals, pounding drums, prominent bass and destructive riffing.

The artwork is a bit odd looking to me, but the music absolutely makes up for it. The first thing that I noticed when I first heard Aborted was Sven. The guy just fucking nails it every time (except for that album of their's that we don't mention around here). He doesn't sound like anyone else, and nobody else sounds like him. He yells and growls throughout this album, tearing his throat out and delivering the brutality as a verbal crowbar assault. I don't think that any of his future (or past, seeing as how they had one album before this one) performances will ever match this one.

The guitars and bass are ridiculous. The riffing is well done and, even though it generally follows the guitars the whole time, the bass playing is also well done. My favorite song, To Roast and Grind, truly displays what these guys are capable of when it comes to downright kicking you in the ass with ruthlessness.

The drumming is also excellent, despite not being terribly remarkable. The guy gets the job done and he knows what he is doing. Unlike many brutal death metal albums that suffer from trash-can drum syndrome, the drum tone on this album is sufficient and isn't weak or thin by any means.

While this isn't my favorite brutal death metal album, it is not a bad album. It isn't even a good album, its excellent. The guys over in Belgium clearly knew what they were doing on this one and it shows for sure. Their latest album tries to recapture some of their old insanity, but you know what they say, you can't capture lightning twice.