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Just tapping the potential - 75%

DomDomMCMG, November 24th, 2011

My introduction to this band was Nailed Through Her Cunt, which is track 2 on this release. However, I didn't start with this album. I got Goremageddon instead. It was only after becoming familiar with the three Aborted albums that followed this that I gave it a try. While Nailed Through Her Cunt is an outstanding brutal death metal song, the rest of it isn't quite up to scratch. Don't get me wrong, this is still a great Aborted album, but the band would do so much better later.

I'll start with the vocals. Svencho is as good as here as he's ever been. Providing incomprehensible gurgles and grunts and effortlessly switching to higher shouted vocals easily. He uses both styles effectively to show more of a personality and prevent the music from getting monotonous. A lot of brutal death metal vocalists usually use one continous growl and gets very dull and has no character.

The riffs are almost thrashy and Slayer influences, while the band also resort to slow breakdowns. These breakdowns are technical and well played and are only needed when the music needs to slow down and take a break from the fast punishing riffs.

Drumwork is blazing fast with lots of blast beats and technical fills. The drums keep the music going at the right pace, as drums are supposed to.

The production is quite raw, but not so much that it becomes unlistenable. Everything is clear (minus the bass, which can be only just heard through decent headphones) but it's quite fuzzy, but I don't let it bother me.

The only real flaw is the memorability factor. Minus Nailed Through Her Cunt, not much of it outstanding. Granted this was only their second album, but there was potential to do much better, which they did with follow up effort Goremageddon. Well worth getting if you're a fan of the band, but if not, get the next 3 (Goremageddon, Archaic Abattoir, Slaughter and Apparatus) first.