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Battle in an interminable war!!!! - 95%

Destroyer_of_Life, March 28th, 2009

The first time I heard this guy (believe it or not, he's the only member of the band!), it gave me the most thrilling emotion I had have since I listen Burzum or Mayhem; his style is very comparable to this bands.

I think that the most important instruments are the strings, since the riffs used in it are fast and improved like it seems an interminable suffering or a battle in a war perished that you must face. Aboriorth vocals are simple and grasped. As I said before, the strings are the best thing in this album. Nevertheless, his first five songs contain a slow and constant timing that makes you wish the speed several bands of black metal have; this is not very important because the heart of the matter is the feeling of fight in an already lost war. Personal whim: I would enjoy more if he growl or cry out more grimly or diabolically, just like Emperor Magus Caligula or even Gaahl does. However, the three songs at the end of the disc, sounds very rough and mean and are prove of the great Aboriorth potential.

The first song I heard was Sons of Nihilism, Bastards of Destruction and I have the privilege of listen to a true work of art of the black metal. The sound of the drums with the cowbell are so steady that for one second I forgot it’s an instrument; most of the time it seem a machine gun that is fire on me! I think Aboriorth could be listened by any good soft black metal fan, and I said soft just because the atmosphere in this album is kind of new depressive wave of black metal, like Acedi and Anhedonia (Swe).

Don’t get me wrong. The last four songs, Mankind Failure, Annihilation of an Empty Kingdom, Aboriorthholocaust and Denial of the Mankind (this last song is available only in the tape, and Aboriorthholocaust in the CD), seem to be separated of the other songs; it’s like the last breath of life. These songs remember me bands like Pest (Swe), or Darkthrone.

The only thing I regret in this album is the lack of speed and aggressiveness. I think that Aboriorth must become more satanic, evil and even mean to make possible enjoy him more. Either way, Aboriorth is the reason it keep me listening to black metal and never forget why in first place I enjoy this music.