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A good start for the Aussies - 70%

speedemon86, May 1st, 2004

These guys from Australia know how to play "War" Metal, with a thrashy touch. Fast as Hell, some atmosphere for good measure, and a generally enjoyable theme of raw evil violence. For a demo the production is fairly well, not to mention long, 6 tracks pretty much qualifies as EP status in my book. A lot of these songs are seen again on full lengths, a bit refined perhaps, but that's not saying much. The intro to War Worship is certainly different, but really cool, some deep slow synth stuff, with a really low voice saying something (probably antireligious) over it. Now the coolest part, some thunder and then gunshots, then more, and the song just explodes out of nowhere. A typical tremelo riff, leading into a chromatic thrashy riff. The vocals are well executed, and have heavy reverb on them, which would ususually put me off, but works well here, much to my chagrine. Most of this demo proceeds in similar fashion, just bursts of War Metal with reverbed up vocals. Other standouts include the last three tracks, as they thrash a little bit, the result being enhanced coherency. Filthy Spirit Antichrist almost mirrors War Worship, the intro being a lot creepier. So overall this is great for a first outing, and on the releases to come they would refine their Metal assault.