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An Improvement Has Been Made - 97%

thebaldcadaver99, July 24th, 2011

I am a fan of Abominable Putridity's first full-length, In The End of Human Existence, but I must admit that that album has a lack of technicality and good vocal patterns. However, this band has shown more effort in song writing on the two short tracks of this promo than they did on their entire first release.

The guitar work shows a lot more tremolo picking and sweeping, two factors that seemed to be non-existent on their full-length. The opening riff on the opening track "Lack Of Oxygen," shows odd timing, almost Meshuggah like, which is not easy to pull off. Any guitar player would know. The heavy breakdowns are also more creative and have more of a groove to them, reminding me of the incredible slam riffs that Pathology delivers.

Speaking of Pathology, brutal death metal legend Matti Way has joined Abominable Putridity, and he delivers much better than Vladimir did on In The End Of Human Existence. Vladimir seemingly just drew out lyrics over the music, there was no groove, rhythm or pattern. Abominable Putridity has improved by adding Matti Way, and by writing much more technical and creative guitar riffs. If you listened to this bands debut and didn't care for it, check out this promo and it should change your outlook on these guys.