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Solid Effort - 85%

Serpenthrone777, August 4th, 2008

I'm definitely going to say right now, this is some solid black metal. Strangely enough, I found it on a deathcore web blog. None-the-less, I found this band and was both surprised and intrigued by what it presented.

I found the atmosphere of the band had a very familiar Deathspell Omega edge to it, very much close to Fas (despite this came out before Fas). Very dark progressive edgy feel to it. However, there's a lot less experimentation, and it lacks ambient silences. But similarities can be drawn. Essentially if you like Deathspell Omega you'd probably also enjoy this band.

First of all, the main thing I want to comment on is the BASS! What? what you say? something to say about a black metal band's bass? Well that's exactly my point. It's completely audible, if not a forward instrument, completely through the entire piece. Being both a bassist and a black metal fan this is a great thing for me, and immediately boosted my ratings for this piece.

Next, guitars. Another very solid effort. Many progressive elements to the composition with some avant-garde and doom influences present throughout the piece. However, it doesn't venture deep into the avant-garde realm and still has a very solid tremlo-picked agressive nature to a lot of the pieces. There's not much to say about the guitars expcet that they were well played and the composition was solid.

As for the drums... they sound like a drumkit was used entirely throughout the album. I don't know much about the band, so this could be the case. None-the-less, the production for them is good, but the playing is boring and stereoytypical, and has a very mechanical feel to it. One of the detractors of the album for me.

Vocals are very DSO's Fas styled. Deep, growling, almost gurgling at times, ending in a sort of growled mummer at other times. One can say it almost blends into the music as an instrument of it's own. This is both a plus and a negative for me, as I do enjoy a good solid upfront vocalist, yet Abolition really knows how to make this style of vocals appeasing to my ears. So I'm going to remain neutral on this stance.

What really caught this album for me was the atmosphere. It's very bleak and endless, a sort of depressive monstrosity that just creeps up and engulfs you. Imagine a black tide slowly drowning you, and you just laying there, excepting your fate. That's the sort of imagery this album conveys, and it really grips you as you listen to it. That's what sold the album to me.

Overall, the songs themselves I wouldn't necessarily consider "memorable", but the overall atmosphere and feeling of the album makes up for it. This is a good relaxation album. One where you can just dwell within yourself.