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So this is Grindcore? - 85%

DetoxScission, November 27th, 2011

Full of blistering grindcore riffs and enough blast beats to make one's head spin, Ablach delivers unto the listener a nice pound of flesh with their 'DHA' release. To say that i'm unfamiliar with grindcore (Outside of early Napalm Death, Carcass and Repulsion) would be an understatement, but I do have a general understanding of the dynamics and the point trying to be made. Regular song structures? Nay. Those aren't allowed here! Each song blasts and pummels it's way through your speakers, constricted only by the short time span they're given. The album, as a whole, doesn't even reach the 15 minute mark by it's concluding note. Most of the tracks that are allowed to surpass a minute in length contain a mid-tempo breakdown section, which I definately approve of, as it gives one's ears a break from the all-around speedfest delivered throughout. It's worth noting that the breakdowns concocted don't come off sounding like what you'de generically hear overdone time and again by a plethora of modern, more mainstream-oriented hardcore metal acts.

As far as the actual individual elements are concerned, speed and musical chaos amongst the recording should not undermine the fact that each musician audible is more than capable with their selected craft. The guitarwork is well done and actually kind of catchy, even with the speeds that the riffs are hitting your ears at, as many nods to early death metal and 80's era Slayer can be heard throughout. And although I made a mild joke about the heavy use of blast beats, the drummer has a lot of good rhythmic technique alongside a good mindset for fills when not just blasting his way through a section of a song. The vocalist is what you'de expect for the style, a combination of growls and shrieks which make the listener question whether there are actually words penned out beforehand or if he's just making noises in places that he finds suitable. That is, however, not always the worst option, mind you. The production and mixing on most of the songs is actually really good, especially for this style of music. Most of the instruments can be heard well enough to pick out of the mix and it doesn't all sound like a jumbled mess, like one would expect from something labelled as grindcore. If you're a fan of the aforementioned style and like a little coherency in your production value, I definately implore you to check this out.