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Not essential, but very interesting - 76%

Soturnus, March 29th, 2006

This strictly limited 7" EP by Abigor was released right after their excellent "Supreme Immortal Art" album. Despite the fact that the two songs we have here are not exactly new, this is a very interesting item for Abigor-fanatics. The two songs we have here are "The Spirit Of Venus" and "Magic Glass Monument" - both found in "Supreme Immortal Art". The difference is that here these songs are presented in a rehearsal version. These versions are, obviously, much rawer than the ones you can find in the album. Actually, the main difference is that both songs are performed here only with the drums and two guitars. Nothing else. No vocals, no keyboards, no mixing. About the songs themselves, there is little to talk about. They follow the typical high-class Abigor style. It's fast to mid-tempo black metal, with great riffs and flawless drumming. You can find here alternations of some really heavy rhythms and fast riffs plus creative drum-work all the time.

This EP is pretty nice if you like to listen to every single note played by the guitars, for example, as this is the kind of thing it's possible to be done here, even though the production is not 100% clear. This 7" EP is not something mandatory - and it can't be, due its short pressing - but it's very cool anyway if you enjoy Abigor a lot, even if it's that kind of stuff only appreciated by real collectors.