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One of those unimportant releases - 35%

Lane, May 20th, 2012

This 7" was meant to come out when Abigor still existed as a band. The release came finally out after a year or so, but how is it as a swan-song for the Austrian elite black metal band?

Nothing special, I am afraid. Featuring a remix of 'Dawn of Human Dust', the song which originally appeared on 'Channeling the Quintessence of Satan' (1999). The original intro part is now on the end of the new version, but I can't tell how much the new version is really worked on, mainly thanks to not very good vinyl press quality. This quite inferior sound quality affect on 'Repulsor (Pulsar 2003)' a lot. Another remix with a lot of lower end sound added and effect-boosted vocals. The original Abigor sound is very trebly, but these remixes have more lower end. The music itself is very good and unique black metal. Everyone yearning for darkness should check out Abigor!

This 7" has confusing cover art (a face of a woman, a crucifix and errrrmmmm something in it!), created by fetishist queen Anastasia. No lyrics printed, but some words from Peter K. on the demise of the band.

I'm not impressed by this release. The music would score high, but with this kind of execution, 'Shockwave 666' is cursed to score way more less. Only for Abigor completists who want all the band's releases and remixes! Others, buy the albums, now.

(originally written for in 2004)