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C'mon fellas it's not that bad... - 88%

nokturnal_sonofnorth, May 23rd, 2009

OK every time i go to the Abigor page i see a horrendous score for Satanized, and frankly i feel it's a slap to the face of these Austrian black metal legends so the 34 % average ends today...

Firstly, I'm going to mention that this CD is the steal of the century. You can buy this puppy all day long on Ebay for 5 bucks!!! That's right kids for the price of NPR088 you can save your lunch money for 2 days and purchase this fine piece of ultra cosmic blasphemy... Like the reviewers before me i will say that the lyrics are well written and are what most black metal is all about: cold, emptiness, occult topics, and of course we also have plenty of cosmic bullshit (after all it is the "Journey Through Cosmic Infinity".)

Now the music. Here we have an excellently produced and well mixed release. When i listen to metal i listen to it loud, and in my opinion this is the only way to listen to metal to get the maximum "effect" of the music. Satanized is fuckin' loud that is for sure, everything is very audible and this is definitely a release where you can say, "OK the guitars are doing this, OK and the drums well they are blasting like hell, alright the bass it's doing it's job and so forth." What i mean is you can individually listen to each instrument very easily. The music is constantly starting and stopping and when i first heard this CD i was wasn't really into it too much. It reminded me a lot of this crazy technical death metal that's going around these days where you are just like, "OK that dude rips the shit out of his guitar but i want to bang my head." After a few listens though i really enjoy this release and i don't mind revisiting it every couple months or so that's for damn sure.

So the drums are blasting almost relentlessly starting and stopping with a bunch of fills thrown in the mix, good cymbal work. I play drums and i think it would be pretty difficult to find rythms to match some of these riffs, So i would say this Moritz N. has spent a couple hours on the kit to say the least. The drums are probably my favorite part of this release.

The guitars are pretty well written i think also. They remind me like i said before of a lot of technical death metal guitars with a fair amount of palm muting and way more tremelo picking...I personally don't care too much for palm muting in my black metal but i don't straight up hate it neither. The bass is audible which everyone seems to enjoy. It has a pretty good tone I think as well.

Alright the vocals. Well the clean shit is kinda lame i can't deny that, but i like the way they start out the track "Battlestar Abigor" the off key cleans fit pretty well matched with the screams of Thurisaz. All and all I would say that the dude screams his ass off in a standard black metal fashion. So i will not complain about anything but the cleans, which aren't even too terrible.

So after all is said and done... It's 5 dollars on Ebay dude and this is way better than anything Dimmu has put out recently, don't let the reviews from these previous guys scare ya