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not up to par - 59%

crazpete, March 27th, 2004

First off, I am a HUGE fan of all things Abigor, and have enjoyed all thier material from the obscure buzzing tones of 'Orgio Regium' to the almost industrial-tinged avant-black sounds of 'Channeling the Quintessence...' but I must say I find this release largely a letdown.

While there is nothing terrible here, and in fact the whole album is solid black metal with decent melodic and harmonic lines; the fact is I find it incredibly tiresome, uninsteresting, and worse...very predictable. For me a large part of Abigor's appeal is thier sheer creative power to keep a listener on thier toes, to craft organic complex songs that demand multiple listenings just to get a feel for what is going on amid the baroque layers of harmonies and counterparts and microtones all adding to the rococo aesthetic of thier genius magnum opus.

This release features none of that creativity or unpredicability. It's almost like they were stuck by a contract they didn't feel like finishing and slapped together a few riffs held together by conventional strains and refrains of minor chords, and told their agent to get lost. At least I wish that's what happened.