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This sucks. Really. - 9%

Wargnattallfihrr, April 24th, 2008

Abigor. A name which always stood for well done chaotic black metal. Stood.

Although I do not know the older releases of Abigor, I know when I listen to a bad album and here we have one of those. Chaotic and blasphemous is what it wants to be, completely without structure and ridiculous it is.

Let me get more into detail, athough I do not really want to, but I am doing this to keep you away from this release. So I can start with the good things, of which I found two: At first, the lyrical concept of cosmic infinity and chaos is kept straightly and in an intelligent and original way. Every song has many lines of vocals, which is good in terms of submitting a message, but simply leads to a loss..but more of this later. Secondly, the sound is considerable. Every instrument can be heard, starting with the drums, heading over to the guitars and basslines, finishing with the synths. Here also I have to complain about the rather thin guitars, which could have been a bit more present.

But: The childishly cried vocals are placed in a way I cannot comprehend, completely out of any rythm or logic structure and they sound as if someone tortures a baby with a hot lighter on it's feet. Worse, they last the whole songs, because of the long lyrics, which are completely accomodated in every song. Sounds to me like the syndrome, Carpathian Forest has also fallen into: To hook the whole song on the vocals. And another problem exists, the vocalist sometimes tries to sing cleanly. Do you know "Death Cult Armageddon"? In comparison, the clean parts in there are done well - and they are off-key.
This hurts.

Now the music. I really wanted find something good in all of this uninspired chaos, but I failed. It is okay if you insist to create something chaotic or disturbingly unstructured, but then you have to stick to the atmosphere. But where is it in here? Nowhere to be found yet. All you can hear are lashing drums, some melodious basslines, riffing which does not deserve it's name and the grueling vocals. I did not mention the synths and keyboards because they deserve to be mentioned, because they use to annoy this much. Running in the opposite direction as all the other instruments it sometimes tries to imitate the riffing and sometimes just tootles in the back- or foreground, depending on the song, trying more or less to sound as if you were entering Dracula's tomb in a b-movie of the 80s.

Meanwhile, all atmosphere is destroyed. The songs do not have any structure, or at least I cannot detect them, which would have been good for the album and its effect. I usually do like pieces of work that need a bit of concentration, that are chaotic and evil, but if I cannot find something behind the first curtain of chaos, something that makes it artistically worthwile, I consider it weak. This paradigms do not apply to every album I like or listen to, but in the chaotic sector, they do.

Abigor. I hope no one will take a look at the bad bandpicture, with cute weapons and digitally added blood, that does not look like such.
This is the only agony the whole thing can communicate, sadly.