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Storming Onwards on Pagan Paths. - 96%

telluriet, April 21st, 2004

Yes, Abigor. My first introduction to these Austrian horde was by the "Satanized" album, which I didn't like at all. But anyway, I picked up this release at the 7 dollar bin on a rainy day, not really expecting anything from it.

Well, think again. This disc represents some of the most powerful and epic tracks ever to be heard. "Orkblut, the Retaliation" is subtitled "Storming Onwards on Pagan Paths". The entire album is concept based, and it's about the life of a pagan warrior, from his birth until his death. To quote the booklet: ""Storming Onwards on Pagan Paths" is the story of a warrior who remembers his pagan origins which inflame his heart. It shows his life from the day he rises, his feelings and his last battle, until his death and the severance of flesh and spirit."

But, on to the music. Track 1, "The Prophecy", is a track which features spoken words, which tell about the pagan tribe our warrior is about to join. After the spoken prophecy comes a well performed flute piece which has a very catchy melody.

Track 2, "Bloodsoaked Overture", is a track which immediately starts off with the war drum alike drum sound, which I like so much, guided by a good guitar riff. This track features no lyrics.

Track 3, "Remembering Pagan Origins", is a keyboard piece which is supposed to represent a pagan athmosphere. But I'm not running warm for this one, I have to admit.

Track 4, "The Rising of our Tribe", is the first 'real' track on the CD. Like track 2, it starts off with the wardrums, moves on to top speed, and at halftime follows some sort of interlude. A classic guitar piece supported by electric guitar, pretty nice. Last piece of the track, Abigor give all they can which expresses itself in a furious and fast piece of music.

Fifth track, "Medieval Echoes". A piece played on the classic guitar, which I think is rather boring. But in a way, it fits in perfectly with the rest.

Track number 6 then. "Emptiness/Menschenfeind/Untamed Devastation". As you can see, this track exists of 3 different pieces. The first one, "Emptiness" is a 20 second piece played on a keyboard, and this track I totally adore. It has a really bombastic and orchestral feeling to it. "Menschenfeind" is sort of a prelude to the chaos yet to come. It's a midtempo track, not really all that special. "Untamed Devastation", that's where the chaos really begins. Fury all the way, and I like it very much.

Seventh track, "..To the Final Strike". I don't really like it, for me this song doesn't express what it's supposed to express. It sounds rather cheer- and joyful, and it doesn't really fit in the atmosphere of a coming battle.

"Battlefield Orphans", track no. 8, I like very much. It's very epic and majestic, high speed black metal mixed with keyboards and slow parts. Normally I'm not that much of a keyboard fan but Abigor seems to be in perfect control of it, without overdoing it.

Track number 9, "The Soft and Last Sleep", is a fourty second good performed piece of keyboard music, which fits perfectly in the atmosphere.

"Severance", track no. 10, is the final real track on the album. I even notice a cool thrash-alike riff around the end, supported by the famous war-drums. It even has a solo in it.

The last track, "Langsam verhallte des Lebens Schmerz", is a really good piece of flute music. It is meant as a sort of 'goodbye', and hereby ends this 25 minute during onslaught.

On the whole, some tracks didn't really interest me, but all those less interesting tracks fit in perfectly with the rest. Overall a great, majestic and epic album, and in my opinion, Abigor's best offering.