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One of the finest black metal albums ever. - 99%

ozzeh, September 5th, 2007

A good friend of mine once told me "black metal bands have some of the most amazing musicians in the world -- the vocals just suck ass".

Well, Abigor certainly live up to that stereotype. The vocals are Burzumic in nature, if not a bit higher pitched. Oddly enough they mix with the music to perfection so they're not really much of an issue, they just help keep the emotion flowing throughout the whole album. And there is quite a bit of emotion put into this album.

The tremolo picked guitars are some of the best on any black metal album ever. What separates Abigor's dual tremolo guitar attack from other Darkthrone clones is that: a) they play quite a bit faster b) they play quite a bit more complex and c) nearly every riff is derived from some form of classical music (Mozart or Wagner if I was to guess). Very complex guitar lines indeed, with beautiful song structures that are about as far from traditional verse, chorus, verse as one can go.

The acoustic segments are interwoven into the black metal segues perfectly. This is what black metal is about. There is an abundance of blast beats but the drumming is actually quite superior to even what is considered "elite" drumming in black metal (Hellhammer, Frost). So basically, the drumming is fucking awesome and unrelenting while keeping up with the insane structural changes found within every song.

The production is perfect and dark. This album will leave you feeling dark and desolate after every listen, and isn't that part of what black metal is all about anyways?

While Abigor may have gone on after this to release less than stellar albums, this album is one of the greatest black metal albums ever. And it's raw as fuck... classic shit indeed.