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Primeval Blackness - 87%

Nargodath, November 30th, 2006

"Where is your god now?" So Abigor queries in the intro to this demo. Nowhere near them, anyhow. What we have here is a small slice of old-style black metal, recorded in a fog of screeching voices and Satanic invocations, along with a twisting, constant guitar buzz and schizoid drums.

The speed is sub-Burzum, and the production and composition, while comparatively primitive, aren't as kvlt as a Moonblood or LLN demo. The roots of Abigor's later, more "progressive" material are clearly existant here, with snatches of melody and spoken-word parts. What endears this demo to me so much is the simple *attitude* it screams throughout, reminding me of the sense of wonder that black metal first provoked in me. Before BM acquired a "template" and numerous stylistic divisions, there were simply isolated hordes producing wondrous and obscure tapes like this one. Again, this isn't some 'avant-garde' statement, just a reminder of a time before the genre was popular and thus paranoid, when almost anyone who played this kind of music could be assumed to actually mean it. Abigor had nothing to prove here, no macho blastbeat competition, and melody and evil coexist quite comfortably on Moonrise.