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Abigor - Moonrise - 20%

ConorFynes, March 20th, 2012

In a string of chainsaw-production demos from Abigor, we see a slow, but sure development from a young, somewhat reserved black metal band, to a more adventurous sort of act. While improvements and evolution is evident in almost all of the demos, they all sadly share some of the worst production standards I have ever heard. 'Moonrise' is the fourth chronological demo from the dungeons of Abigor, and it is the first one where they have started to focus exclusively on longer songwriting. Their second demo 'Lux Devicta Est' had a nine minute track, but its aimlessness gave the impression that Abigor were not invested in taking that step at the time. Unlike the typical three song fare that Abigor is used to following when making their demos, 'Moonrise' consists of two longer tracks, and a short intro that involves frontman Peter Kubik spitting out some apocalyptic incantations. The two songs to come after are fairly similar in structure, largely featuring the howl of black metal that Abigor was now quite experienced with. In with the typical black metal elements are some sparse acoustics.

It is difficult to talk about the individual details of Abigor's music here however, because, like the other demos Abigor had done in the past, 'Moonrise' has some fatally bad production. Although 'Moonrise' can be lauded for seeing the band take a small artistic leap from their past demos, it may have even worse sound quality than the ones I have heard before. The sound generally amounts to a harsh blur of screams, burnt-out sounds that bear a semblance to guitars, and a faint beating in the background may or may not be drums. I'm not sure; whatever promise that was on 'Moonrise' is sorrowfully murdered by the demo production. Like the ones before, I have a feeling that Abigor recorded these exclusively for their own benefit, because as a listening experience, it is painful.