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Abigor - Lux Devicta Est - 40%

ConorFynes, March 20th, 2012

Abigor's second demo shows a fair improvement over their trashcan novelty demo 'Ash Nazg'. 'Lux Devicta Est' is not yet at the solid quality they would produce with 'Invoke The Dark Age' (their debut full-length) but it represents a band that is getting progressively tighter and more serious about their work. Much of the music still revolves around a recycled Norwegian black metal formula, but there are two tracks here that pique my interest.

'Kingdom of Darkness' is an uncharacteristically long song, although its structure can be broken down into an alternating soft-heavy pattern. The quiet moments are very dark and atmospheric, and the heavier parts show a real improvement over what Abigor was doing with 'Ash Nazg'. 'Animae Tortae' is a short interlude consisting of P.K snarling about evil-sounding things, before the music swells up into something gloomy and chaotic. Barring those two, 'Lux Devicta Est' is more or less, a bland black metal demo from a band who would go on to do much better things in the future.