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Hellish Black Metal innovation - 100%

ExMachina, October 7th, 2004

Channeling the Quintessence of Satan is easily one of the most innovative albums in Black Metal history, and having heard every previous Abigor album, their best work. This album defines Black Metal is new ways. In a word: hellish. In a genre filled with the words ‘cold, grim, and bleak’, Abigor boldly lifts the middle finger and says ‘infernal, fiery, and dissonant’.

The very first track, ‘Dawn of Human Dust’, is a spectacular introduction, with metallic ambience opening it up and horror movie-type sound effects in the vein of Abruptum. Then onto crushingly slow guitars with treble that shatters your ears and bass that crushes on the percussion end. “A new born day waits to surrect…” lines like these have solidified this Austrian machine’s dominance in the ‘outsider’ Black metal genre.
The second track is absolutely hostile, followed up by two tracks of harsh blast-beat filled brutality. Wildfire and Desire is a highlight of the album, with perversion abounding lyrically. The album really picks up when we move to the song ‘Utopia Consumed’. An absolutely perfect moment of ‘fiery’ Black Metal happens when the entire band cuts out for some eerie ambience only to return with one of the most inherently evil riffs that I have heard before or since in all of the genre.

An absolutely perfect album ends with a perfect track in ‘Pandora’s Miasmic Breath’. Though the production quality falls significantly on this track, somehow, I don’t think anyone who listens to it will care at all.