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Eh... - 10%

Serpenthrone777, April 22nd, 2007

Eh... that's mostly what I have to say about this demo. Now I don't have a problem with demos. My last review was for a demo and it got a solid 95%. I also have no problem against low-fi albums, as long as it fits the atmosphere. However, the production on this demo does not contribute to the atmosphere it just simply sounds bad. I've heard albums with lower quality of production that I have enjoyed, but there's nothing of substance to even develop atmosphere.

The vocals on this album are rather atrocious, with an odd dying shriek, and then a random grumble once a while, and I think I hear a burp occasionally. Was the vocalist drunk making this album? I've heard worse vocals... but still, this is definitely hitting some of the top for crappy as vocalists.

And the guitars. When I picked up guitars, in the first month I was in a band and writing material x10 the quality of this, and I was in a deathcore band. Like common, it's not atmospheric, it's not harsh, it's not crafty, it's not even "klvt". It's just... bleh. The one good part of the album for guitars was the five or ten seconds of acoustical playing at the beginning of In Sin. Then it turns to shit like the rest of the songs.

So overall... this demo is going to stay in my collection for one reason. This is a valuable piece of Abigor history. Reminds us why they need a recording studio.