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An incomplete sign of things to come. - 52%

Chthonicisms, March 19th, 2011

Abigor's first demo provides an interesting development in the field of black metal, but ultimately leaves one unsure as to how to react.

On one hand, there are obvious glimmers of talent that show up intermittently throughout these three tracks. Phrases change drastically from one to the other yet manage to retain a certain connective tissue. The music does not become boring at any point, and the inclusion of Dead Can Dance samples shows an inherent fondness for ancient forms of music that would become much more apparent later on in their discography. Much the same effect is derived from the classical influences on the melodies in these three tracks, with guitars showing a propensity for (sensible!) polyphony that also would meet further development later in the band's career.

On the other hand, this is one of those releases which is drastically affected by its running time - the songs show too much effort for what little space they occupy in the listener's mind. The first two tracks in particular suffer from this; one can immediately sense they would leave a much stronger impression if they were further refined. As it is, however, one forgets that he ever heard this music.

Ultimately an interesting release, and by no means lacking in the appropriate spirit. It suffers from amateurish execution, and perhaps an overabundance of eagerness on the bandmembers' part to make something unique at the time. Despite this, it provides a worthwhile insight for someone looking to explore the deeper recesses of the genre.