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Just another demo - 37%

BurntOffering, May 13th, 2008

Kind of interesting that the only other reviewer of this collects black metal demos and is put off by the sound quality. It's not really that bad honestly. You can hear all the instruments so what is there to complain about? I mean it's not even bad as Pure Fucking Armageddon or Voice of a Tortured Skull or anything from the LLN, so I'm assuming he must collect demos that have come out after 2003.

Th music on the other hand is borrrrring, generic stuff we've all heard. In Sin as actually pretty cool, but it's not fully developed and only 1:55 so it's rather pointless. The vocals are pretty bad on this. Sounds like a prepubescent Abbath. Shadlowlord starts getting interesting about half way though, but it doesn't really matter. The first song isn't worth mentioning and has the worst vocals.

These guys would get better later on. You can see the improvement quite quickly too. Their next demo beats the hell out of this one.