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A Satisfying Mini-Album - 95%

Swietowit666, July 11th, 2005

After Opus IV, which was a compilation of 2 EPs, essentially, Abigor gives us...another EP. This one lacks the atmosphere of grandeur and mystery that enshrouded the aforementioned album, however, and instead contains one of hatred and desperate misery. Comparisons to the Zyklon-B mCD will immediately be drawn due to the short, rapid-paced songs and especially the vocals, which emulate Aldrahn quite well. This is not a bad thing, as Aldrahn is one of the best black metal vocalists and more vocals in his style would be appreciated by myself. Abigor retains originality here, and the complex, tremolo, flighty riffs that are the trademark of this band are ever-present. While I would not recommend this as the first Abigor release for a newcomer to buy (the grandiose, symphonic "Supreme Immortal Art" would be better for this type of individual), this mini-album has something that connoisseurs of Abigor and raw black metal alike will enjoy.