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Very impressive. - 80%

DkP Godslayer, October 10th, 2011

I picked up the Legend ep by Abigail Williams not too long ago and was thoroughly impressed by the work they did on this cd. From the beginning track, "From the Buried Heart", it had a rather interesting start, but picked up very fast with impressive vocal work and flawlessly-done guitars, bass, and drums. Then the song "Like Carrion Birds" began with a short synthesizer opening followed quickly by fast and heavy music, keeping a very strong and consistent feel throughout the song and keeping my ears wide open. After that, the track "The Conqueror Wyrm" began and it was a little different from the beginning and on. It kept a strong feel, but was focused a little more on the synthesizer, most notably in the beginning of the song, then it felt slower, yet this was appropriate for the song itself and fit in really well with the rest of the cd. "Watchtower" started and I was completely blown away by its introduction. The synthesizer was played very appropriately with the powerful blast beats and the song's speed and power with very impressive riffs all the way through. After that, the cd came blaring the start of the song "Procession of the Aeons". It had a powerful beginning, very fast-paced and heavy, then some double bass after a few seconds was enough to put my jaw on the floor. It's an extremely heavy song with a much more powerful feeling than most of the cd and ultimately is the most impressive. A very good way to end a very good ep.

All in all, the cd was an impressive selection of songs and a good choice for under $10. I suggest this as a purchase for anyone who wants to hear the band, but does not want to buy a full album for full price. Ultimately, a powerful cd and worth the purchase, so I give it an eight out of ten.