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One of the more "kvlt" metalcore bands - 67%

DemonoftheFall1143, January 17th, 2008

I know, upon reading the title of this review you are astounded by the general hypocrisy of it. "How can a metalcore band be kvlt?" Well, the answer is really that they are neither. I would say there are certainly some similarities to today's metalcore movement i.e. the use of breakdowns and typical At the Gates style chord progressions. However, they really aren't the focus of the band. I guarantee had this band come out of Sweden, metalheads would be mmuch more willing to overlook their -core aspects. Instead, they are labeled as such.

I would call this band the metalcore scenes black metal band. For instance, the Black Dahlia Murder is a band also associated with the metalcore genre, however, they are more of a pure death metal band, especially with the release of Nocturnal. Abigail Williams is more of a black metal band than a core band, but lets not take this comment as saying that they are the next Emperor. Simply, they are more aligned with true or "kvlt" metal than they are given credit for. Now that that's out of the way, onto the review.

The overall feeling of the album is something of a mix of Emperor and At the Gates, epic, but with obvious death metal song structure and chord progression, possibly best shown in the song "Like Carrion Birds." This ep is also odd in the sense that it seems to get progressively more black metal from beginning to end. The opening songs are more death metal/metalcore influenced. Thus, "Like Carrion Birds" is a transitionary song. By the time we reach "Watchtower" though, we are hit with some keyboards remniscient of early Dimmu Borgir, maybe even the more atmospheric or melodic bands such as Vintersorg.

Vocally, Sorceron reminds one of Dani Filth, giving a black metal-esque shriek which is really a voice all its own. In this case, he is a bit weak, though I will say he is not as bad as everyone has been giving him credit for. Production-wise, it is super tight. the drums are highly triggered, and the blasts are hyperspeed. The closer, "Procession of the Aeons" is probably the best song on this ep. It shows the full song-writing capability of the band, as well as shows what makes this band so unique.

The overall impression of the album is that it is a bit keyboard saturated, and maybe a bit amatuerish, but it is certainly something quite unique. As I said, Emperor with At the Gates is the overall impression. I can certainly see how this band could progress into something unique and hopefully, break the stereotype which has been placed upon them. I award them a score of 67. They don't give off the general "wow" factor that is reserved more more groundbreaking first releases, but they have potential. What they do with that potential, only time will tell. I, for one, will be watching this band closely.