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Beautiful. - 100%

Deathamphetamine, April 18th, 2007

"Legend" by Abigail Williams, a band generally new to the "metalcore" scene. This album is unique, and that's much more than any Dimmu Borgir/Emperor impersonator can say about their music. Sure, I guess if you count ONLY the Melodic/Symphonic elements, it does not come close to something the likes of Drudkh or classic Burzum, but mixed with the perfect bt of hardcore and death metal, this album makes something so unique that I was surprised when I first heard it. Albums comparable would be "A Cold Day In Hell" by Winds of Plague or perhaps "Urban Cancer" by Nefastus Dies.

Metal elitists are giving this band a load of trouble because they have "hardcore" elements in their music, and they go touring with legends like Dark Funeral. They can shove it in their ass, Ellylon [keyboards] makes some of the most beautiful melodies known to music itself, and the band is just straight up solid. There aren't any flaws that I can really come up with. The production is satisfactory to me, the vocals are a nice black/death metal mix, and all the songs are a perfect combination of Black Metal, Death Metal and Hardcore.

Now on to the hardcore elements, there are indeed breakdowns. However, these breakdowns are not vivid and obvious such as those by The Faceless, or even some by Behemoth [whom most metallists love]. They are played in the background of a melodic riff to add an effect or something. The band is always playing something new and always playing something catchy. The point of music is liking a band for what they play, not hating them because they have a few breakdowns in their songs?

My favorite track on the album would be Melquiades, mainly for it's brutal bridges and fills as well as its beautiful chorus. Like... this is the definition or symphony in my opinion, this is new black metal, this is possibly the way that the new wave of black metal could sound. Now you may say to yourself "Well if this hardcore bullshit is the new black metal then I don't want to hear it." Go fuck yourself. It's heavy music, hardcore isn't added for the sake of adding hardcore. It's for trying something new and adding effects into the music that wouldn't usually be there.

For a final verdict, this album is what the title implies, BEAUTIFUL. There is melody, symphony, death, black, core. Emotions run wild, either you get pissed off with heavy tracks like Watchtower, or you get emotional with Melquiades. No matter your mood, this album has it. May I add, the EP has a solid length to it, with no crappy interludes and straight up 4-6 minute songs. GIVE IT A TRY, PLEASE DON'T JUDGE.

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