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A good effort - 76%

Altair, March 13th, 2007

Let me first start off with the fact that this is NOT Metalcore. All I hear about this band is people complaining about how they're a "shitty Metalcore band". What Abigail Williams plays is melodic Death Metal with a very slight hint of Black Metal.

This EP has its ups and downs such as every other CD out there. One of my two big complaints is the fact that this EP is so short. My second complaint being Ken's choice to use clean vocals at times. The cleans really do not fit the music at all. Ken normally screams but from time to time you will hear a few growls. The riffs are good for the most part. On "From a Buried Heart" the guitars are rather slow but it speeds up at points but to nothing overly fast. On "Like Carrion Birds" we get a little more speed, the staccato opening and sweeping arpeggios are cool. "The Conqueror Wyrm" is the slowest one on here.... the riffs are slow and pretty damn boring. Now on "Watchtower" the melodic Death sound is nowhere near apparent and is replaced with more of a melodic Black Metal sound. This one is a faster one, but it does have it slow moments. It does repeat itself quite a bit and the drum machine they used on this song is not great, real drums would have been better. The last track is my favorite. The speed and intensity are great. The melody is there, the insanely fast blast beats are there.... everything seems to piece together really well on this track.

Zach once again proves that he is a great drummer. He has definitely cleaned up since he parted ways with TBDM (don't get me wrong, I liked his work with TBDM but he sounds a bit more professional now). The keyboards are good too. I do feel that the keys compliment the music well. As for bass.... there's really none to be heard.

My reasoning for the 76:
- the music is good, but it does have its boring parts and is rather inconsistent
- the clean vocals are bad
- the cd is too short

I have heard rumors that on their full length, the style is more along the lines of "Procession of the Aeons". If so, I feel it will redeem them (somewhat) with the people who have already disregarded them.

My advice: if you haven't heard these guys yet.... check out their myspace page and just wait for their full length to come out.