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Abidetherein - Paralysis Engulfed The Myth - 80%

JD89, April 8th, 2012

Surprisingly, in the past year there have been loads of great talents, debuts, singles, new bands, etc coming from the Syrian metal scene. Currently, I have the debut album of the Syrian Black Metal band, Abidetherein. As you might have already noticed from the cover, there are oriental symbols of Babylon and other stuff scattered across it. The album, is pretty much the same with slightly atmospheric oriental influences mixed with avant-garde Black Metal.

The album starts off with a crying infant as the intro of the song, "Begotten" which was inspired by the 1991 Genesis movie of the same name. Catchy guitar solos and overwhelming riffs – that is how I'd describe the musical aspect of this whole album. The clever incorporation of some Oriental instruments (the oud and darbuka) in songs such as, "A Marvel Of Faith", "Sphacelate Metastasized Inevitable", "Begotten" and "Ninety Nine Names" (which reminds me of early, Melechesh) is also notable. The album also introduced catchy drum-programming work (by Typhon from Eulen), ripping vocals that flow like razors – the basslines were quite enjoyable as well. The first four songs are all amazing but after that, the energy goes down just a little bit. The artwork of “Paralysis Engulfed The Myth” was designed by Hazem Mallah, who is also known as the designer of Eulen's and Despair's album covers.

However, it's definitely a noisy-long-ass-twisted-full-of-hatred-album that puts you in a misanthropic mood. I was blown away by this record, it's not perfect by any means but, it's a pretty easy guess to say that this album will be in my top releases from Syria this year,

Best Tracks: Lachrymation Murder, Ninety Nine Names, Begotten.

Rating: 8/10

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