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A More Mature Band in the Finnish Scene - 85%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 24th, 2008

Abhorrence is another cult band in the Finnish musical panorama. A status reached with just two releases, soon become very rare pieces for the collectors. That period in Finland was great for the vast number of bands playing this genre, the gore death metal. These bands are not famous but are quite good anyway even if I believe that Abhorrence belong, in their sickness, to the most intelligent side of this genre in that country.

The music is always very inspired by the gore grind/death metal of bands like Repulsion and Carcass but there is always something different in the riffage that somehow leads to the American death metal scene and groups like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. During the fast tremolo picking parts on the chords and the mid paced parts those influences from the band of David Vincent are easily audible, along with a similar guitars tune.

The atmosphere is rotten and putrid but the production is not so much. The grind parts, full of blast beats, are a bit too noisy but the lead guitars lines are always well audible. The groovy mid tempo parts are very good and they contribute in creating an excellent mix of sonorities. It’s very hard to choose a stand out track because the melody or the catchiness are not the most important things but the good level of technique and the burden of violence make this demo quite enjoyable.

The vocals are not too growling and this is another good point. Funebre and Demilich for example had too guttural vocals but here they are more “suffocated” style and more American. The lyrics are always gore inspired as you can see and they fit into this sound quite well. All in all, a small, very important demo that should be known by every death metal lovers. Abhorrence was already a quite mature band here and it’s a pity that a group like this couldn’t continue their musical career.