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Abhorrence - Triumph in Blasphemy

Brazilian brutality - 98%

AngeldeathGreg, August 19th, 2010

Abhorrence are a death metal band from Brazil. Yes, they sound like Krisiun. But where Krisiun stepped away from the straight brutality and old school vibe on their more recent releases, Abhorrence steps in to fill this void admirably, maturely, and professionally, also. I actually listen to Abhorrence now way more than I do Krisiun, and you should too.

The thing that I love about Abhorrence is that they take the sound of Krisiun's first few releases, and modernize it, giving it great-sounding production. On their "Triumph In Blasphemy" demo, the instruments are well-mixed, the drums are clear, and the vocals sound fantastic: deep, dark, and with character, much like Krisiun mixed with Chief Spires' work on Nile's first album.

While it is obvious the kick drums are triggered, and on the higher-end clicky side, they aren't annoying. The snare drum is a little thin-sounding, but it somehow fits the vibe. It makes it stick out in the mix, along with the kick drums. Their clicky and triggered-sounding, but it fits, and sounds great. It somehow retains an organic, breathing vibe, as if they tuned the drumheads and mic'ed them up with compressors and limiters to make it sound like they're triggered, without actually being triggered. They're a little lacking in beefiness, but they make up for it with its clear definition.

The guitars are typical old school death metal: high amounts of gain, slightly indiscipherable and "squashed", but great sounding. It brings to mind the guitar sound on Suffocation's "Pierced From Within". Actually, this is a great reference point: the guitar and drums sound just like this. Lacking, however, is the thumpy bass guitar. But really, with this frenetic style of hyperblast, it would actually bog things down and make it too muddy and gunked up if they featured the bass so prominently.

If you know Krisiun, then you know what this songwriting will be like: lots of hyperblast drumming. However, Abhorrence break from convention and insert lots of very cool rythmic motifs and double bass grooves. They know when to break things up and move on. The songs flow insanely well, and the band uses the immense momentum and energy to create a visible sense of movement and progression during the songs. You can feel the music going places, rather than just blasting along and haphazardly inserting different riffs.

Also, the band has a HUGE Slayer sound on this record, which helps, because that is something that Slayer does well, also. Riff-wise, if you take Reign In Blood and the song-writing style and riff structure and put that through an early Krisiun filter, you have a good idea of what this sounds like, in addition to the schizoid whammy bar noise solos. And while the influences are blatant, at least to me, the resulting music is absolutely outstanding.

The thing that draws me to this band every single day is their variety. They're able to make the hyperblast INTERESTING. Lots of cool little Morbid Angel-esque rythmic lurches and twistings are inserted that give the music an undeniable air of character. It makes the music memorable, something that is supremely lacking in a lot of brutal death metal that makes use of blast beating as much as Abhorrence. This may be my absolute favorite aspect about the band: their songwriting. They take the staple aspects of death metal and give it flavor and flair.

I give this a 98 because the demo is only 3 songs: I want MORE!! That, and all of the songs ended up on their first full-length. Strangely, I prefer the production on this demo to "Evoking the Abomination," which is a fantabulous release in itself.

The band is able to take their primary influences and create something truly awesome and refreshing out of them, and the production suits this music perfectly. Something with a more full-bodied and warm drum sound wouldn't adequately convey the frenzy and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-ness of the music. Its very breezy, and quick, and the thinner production allows the music to breath in this medium. Granted, when the band does break it down and groove a little bit, the lack of depth and body does detract slightly, and this is where the 2-point loss comes in. While the production is great, I feel that they could have found a way to give it a little more body and beef to it, to make it sound heavier. However, this is NOT to say that the production is lacking in any way. It is not. Yet, I think it could have been slightly improved upon. But in any event, this SOUNDS fantastic. The music is fresh, urgent, and well-crafted. These guys deserve to be huge.

If you like Slayer, Morbid Angel, Krisiun, Horned God, Blasphemophagher, Hate Eternal, or any other USDM, this is something you need to have, along with their full-length "Evoking the Abomination." I personally can't wait to get more stuff from these guys.