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The epitome of Death Metal - 99%

vargavinter, March 14th, 2005

After KRISIUN stormed the world with their Unholy Brazilian Death Metal assault, the Worldwide extreme metalians pointed their sight (or should I say their ears ) to this region of the planet.
It's a fact that The Brazilian scene has to offer a lot more of interesting bands apart from KRISIUN.
ABHORRENCE is a good example of a band with great potential that deserves your attention.
After appearing in the Brazilian Assault Compilation of Relapse's Underground Series ,they signed with Evil Vengeance Records and released this majestic and blasphemic album.
This record consists of 8 tracks of furious and fast Death Metal , plenty of guitar solos like swords that rip through your flesh and machine gun blast beats and a double bass fest.
I will feature the vocals that fits the music really tight and keep you entertained during all the songs.
Yes I know that this formula is not new but this is so catchy and perfectly performed that leave you breathless and wanting for more.
This guys are berserk and handle their instruments with the precision of an evil surgeon.
This album reminds me of HATE ETERNAL 's Conquering the throne ,because it's half an hour of a blitzkrieg attack .
This was recorded in a Brazilian studio, but it is very well produced, and was mastered by Eric Rutan and Gene Palubicki, so you can expect a clear but filthy sound
I am eagerly awaiting their second effort, that seems to be delayed as this record was released in 2001, and I haven't heard any news from this band because their web page is not updated.
If you think that the last 2 albums from KRISIUN were a little disappointing , you'd better check "Evoking the abomination" .
Highly recommended.