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heavy as balls - 74%

ironasinmaiden, January 29th, 2003

Brazil seems to be a hotbed for brutal death metal these days.... I guess the success of Krisiun has inspired like-minded Brazilians to pick up guitars and sing the praises of brutality. Krisiun is a very good reference point for Abhorrence, since Evoking the Abomination is pretty much Krisiun worship. Shades of fellow countrymen Sepultura are also present, but for the most part Abhorrence play relentless, blast beat driven death metal.

For a second rate band, I must say this is quite good. The riffs are well planned and heavy as shit... what Abhorrence lack in originality they make up for with sheer brutality. Not to mention excellent (but not glossy) production. Track 4, Hellish Annihilation has the kind of riff that makes you want to punch somebody (not that I did...). Of course, their mind numbing pace can get old, but as mentioned before, one could do much, much worse.

So if you like bludgeoning death metal, Abhorrence does it well. Once again, not original in any way, shape, or form, but it got my head banging.