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Satanic Death Metal - 95%

Thrasher666, March 16th, 2004

What I like so much about this album is the DRUMMING. The drums on this album are pretty original, they go in odd patterns and blast like fuck. The guitar riffs are pummeling, brutal and harsh. The solos are lightning fast thrashy deathy solos. Nothing new here as far as guitar and bass goes, just your standard Brazilian death riffs ala Krisiun/Rebaelliun. The vocals are pretty wicked (the vocalist used to be in Rebaelliun).

Many people may call this a generic band, but I fully enjoy this album. It's a totally fun album to throw on when you want some fast, brutal and blasphemous. That doesn't sound too new or original, but the drumming is one of a kind, so check this band out!

"This album is dedicated to all the death, black, and speed metal freaks everywhere!!" - Abhorrence booklet