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Agressive and Violent - 85%

Cup_Of_Tea, January 10th, 2005

As I said in some of my earlier reviews, Brasil is clearly taking over the thrash metal scene. While this band is pure death metal, the riffs are clearly thrash. And that's the point on which I'll concentrate. Without the vocals or drumming this would be pure Dark Angel/Slayer inspired thrash metal, with fast, non-repetetive and above all good riffs. Adding on the brutal vocals, and violent as hell drumming it does however create a death metal atmosphere. The drumming is excellent, though sometimes too much concentrated on blastbeats, and that is a bit too dominating and sometimes annoying. This guy can really play drums very good, but they are unfortunately used in a wrong way, and that's the worst part in the album, IMO.
As for the rest, I really can't have other complaints, the album pretty much makes you headbang as if you never banged before, which is achieved even more by the guitars than the drums. That's what death metal should be about.
Abbatoir starts off the album... and honestly kicks the most ass. As does the title track. And Reborn In Vengeance seems like Slayer worship, though very well made.
A fine piece of album, a thing worth getting. Straight and good death metal without too many I'll kill you and eat your guts parts(though many about destroying churches, but being ateist, I don't care ). ;)