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Brutal Death Metal Madness - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 31st, 2008

Holy Hell! What umpteenth surprise from fucking Brazil! This is pure old Krisiun style death metal! I adore it…it’s no compromise, total blast beats violence and malignant riffing. Since that glorious “Black Force Domain”, put out in 1995, the Brazilian scene has changed forever. Sarofago or Sepultura (before Chaos A.D. or Roots) were one of the heaviest things in that country, when three brothers decided to raise hell through the bestial creature called Krisiun.

From that day lots of band were fascinated by those sonorities and, taking inspiration, they released several brutal efforts. Abhorrence is one of those groups. It’s unbelievable how many things they have in common with the Kolesne brothers’ band : the riffage, the solos, the vocals and the fucking brutal way of destroying the drum kit. It is very hard to mark the stand out songs here because it’s all about the sheer brutality and impact. There’s no melody concession or will to slow down a bit…even if there are parts in which the drummer doesn’t play the blast beats on the snare, you can hear he’s always total speed on the bass drum.

“Sacrificial Offering” is great with the more “opened tempo parts” at the beginning that turns immediately into blast beats. The solos are one of the most wicked things ever heard in death metal: they are a blend of hyper fast tapping parts, shreds and single notes on a furious, fast as hell scale. The rhythmic riffage is restless in putting out such evil and brutal parts.

Here you can really hear a mixture of Krisiun influences between “Black Force Domain” and “Ageless Venomous” period but with the “Apocalyptic Revelation” production. The solos are the same as Krisiun ones. I mean, this band could be a perfect Krisiun cover band! Seriously…here everything is in that style and direction and even if it could be seen as a lack of personality, I love this album. It’s evil, bestial, violent and total impact with excellent technique level; so what are you waiting for if you are into truly fast Brazilian death metal? Get it!