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Timeless Classic.... - 95%

TortureFiend, June 29th, 2007

Fans of Finnish/Swedish/Scandinavian death metal know what this is with no introduction. Its not surprising that this is now revered as a "cult" release, seeing as it was not only one of the breakthrough deathmetal releases of the Finnish scene, but also the fact it was released on the long-dead Seraphic Decay records... Forget the "Entombed" comparison above, this is death in the old FINNISH way, and connoiseurs of the genre can tell the difference Im sure... This is low-tuned, sludgy, gloomy, scandinavian death metal in its most stripped down, primitive form. The album has definitely got that somewhat "etherial" feeling in the recording, and the vocals are a low death growl. While "caught in a vortex" is considered the band's "hit song" by many (a fact that is bolstered by FUNEBRARUM's recent cover of the song...), I tend to prefer the final track "Disintegration of Flesh" due to the gloomy riffing the song starts with, and the path it travels through the end... All in all, if you consider yourself a fan of Scandinavian death metal and you either dont have this release, or have never heard it, your life is not complete until you find it!