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The best demo ever made - 100%

Kaleidozcope, November 8th, 2019

There is nothing missing from this demo, it has everything DEATH METAL should have. An ominous environment, imminent brutality, a dirty production, but still 100% distinguishable and most importantly: the aura, the aura of having left a place that is not of the physical world.

Undoubtedly, the best demo ever made in the whole genre, the best thing about this demo is that it is not a blow of those that release all its virtues as a vomit and then become empty soon after, but within its Barbarism hides a lot of refinement and compositional skills that all those "death metal" bands of modern technical metal would like to have. There is pure black and twisted magic here, it is a journey in which you are vilely disintegrated, but in the process, you get a tickle in the body when something moves you.

Seriously, the people who see "Abhorrence" as a simple-minded excuse for pure brutality just doesn't get it. Songs like "Caught in a Vortex" create an atmosphere that has nothing to envy bands like Evoken or diSEMBOWELMENT, actually the start of "Caught in a Vortex" possibly was an influence taken by Evoken when you compare those apocalyptic and desolate echoed acoustics. Other songs like "Disintegration of Flesh" are the definition of evil and morbid riffs and "Pestilential Mists" surely is one of the more crushing and devastating tracks of the whole genre, but damn I can't leave behind the groovy and barbaric "Holy Laws of Pain" with those punching lethal guttural refrains that answers the unholy hammer-like riffs. And oh boy, the drums...the fucking drums on this demo are insane and otherworldly brutal. The point is: yes, this demo is meant to destroy everything and being as brutal, gritty and filthy as can be, but that is not the only strength here.

"Abhorrence" hides a lot within his layers. There will be a lot of people who throw it away at first or not see more than "straightforward brutality" with a rough and noisy production, but this is part of the point here: that is for the passionate people who dig in the pile of bones and protoplasmic mold that is this demo, one of those things that the more you listen to them the more you catch and it is this type of magnetism that is maintained over time and does not abandon your ears in any time. There are many STELLAR moments that come to mind randomly even without hearing the actual music, I can reproduce any song entirely in my head at any moment and when that happens you know you have a treasure in your hands that you will keep even afterlife.

Abhorrence surely did something above the vast majority of death metal bands. This release is a miracle (or should I say an unholy
catastrophe?), it's so good that I don't even need more songs or a full album. Only 4 songs, but one of the bests 4 songs of all death metal.

Giving less than 100% is insulting.