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A More mature Effort - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 25th, 2008

This is the second and unfortunately, the last effort by Abhorrence. This time, is an EP that, anyways, is shorter in length than the first demo. Their death metal style hasn’t changed a lot from the beginning but here comes with a better production even if we don’t find the hyper clean and pounding sounds. It’s always death metal in its purest form, so it needs a right, putrid sound.

The intro is erased by the incontrollable fury of the opener, “Pestilential Mist” where the blast beats are perfectly balanced with some doom passages. These last ones, in particular, are truly morbid and rotten with some dissonant part while the guitars play tremolo picking riffs when the blast beats are the most important tempo. The vocals, as the demo before, are not excessive but more suffocated and somehow similar to the American death metal wave.

“Holy Laws of Pain” features a quite thrash metal riff at the beginning, to flow in some more impulsive blast beats. That thrash metal riff is a sign of maturity, while the old Morbid Angel influences of the past demo are almost completely gone. “Caught in a Vortex” contains obscure arpeggios at the beginning to become Swedish death metal riffs and that’s strange for a Finnish band. Here they were so similar to the sounds in the Grave’s debut. The only thing that differs is the use of the blast beats.

The atmosphere is murky, heavy and really brutal. It seems to be in a desolated wood at night. The guitars are extremely rotten and the obscure and the scary tones as intro to “Disintegration of Flesh” are an example. The down tempo parts are the most odd and obscure ones. There is no light in these riffs, just suffering and misery. The lead guitars draw scenarios of pure madness and depravity.

All in all, another good effort by this overlooked band. The lovers of the purest form of death metal will like it. It’s obscure, rotten and perfect for a horror film. It marks also a step further for this band, which finally reached a good level of personality, leaving a bit the old influences to find their own path to death metal.