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Hail USBM! - 85%

jaegerblackmetal, October 23rd, 2009

Abazagorath / Bloodstorm “Ancient Entities Arise”
Elegy Records

“Ancient Entities Arise” is a collaboration by two prominent USBM hordes Abazagorath and Bloodstorm, brought forth by the acclaimed label Elegy Records. For each band this release has the common element of flow. Abazagorath’s songs flow seamlessly from one to the next, a clear demonstration of the thought and musicianship put into this release. The payoff is big since “Ancient Entities Arise” takes the band a giant leap from their previous album “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity”.

Abazagorath’s contribution is a strong hail to the Black Flame of the early days. Each song is riff after riff of transcendence from ambiance to sheer blastbeat madness. “Ancient Entities Arise” is easily Abazagorath’s greatest accomplishment to date and gives much promise for future releases.

Bloodstorm return with more of their same output of filthy Thrash with a touch of Blackness. It would be unfair to compare to Abazagorath’s half since Bloodstorm is not a band any fan would expect a significant change from. This is Bloodstorm’s charm! They pull off the element of flow as their partners do, as one dirty layer of Thrash unveils another equally filthy and black. If you’re already acquainted with Bloodstorm’s usual carnage, then “Ancient Entities Arise” is essential.