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Abazagorath – Lapse EP (2012) - 60%

Asag_Asakku, June 5th, 2012

It is common in the ruthless world of black metal, that some bands experience separation or a pause, more or less prolonged. I honestly thought that American band Abazagorath belonged to the prior category. Their latest album – Sacraments of the Final Atrocity – dates all the way back to 2004! Since then, a six-songs split was released in 2008 (with the Pennsylvanian group Blood Storm). Then, total silence. So it is with astonishment that I get my hands on a five songs eponym EP (2012), including an intro. It is with a new singer that Nyarlathotep (bass) and his band return to haunt our ears!

This quartet from New Jersey is not known for its subtlety. Previous albums, in fact confined Abazagorath to a fairly conventional United States black metal), that is to say, strongly tinged with death metal. Well this new EP offers some possible developments in the band’s music. Speed, although very present, is no longer the heart of the compositions. There is a real melodic work and a significant willingness to create harmonies rather than just hammering down blast beats. Even if the result is still akin to death metal, it is closer to Dissection than Deicide. This is particularly clear with a song like Storms of Destruction, where the intro and main rhythm (and some excerpts played without distortion) evoke 1990s Swedish death metal.

This EP is a good omen for the future of Abazagorath. The band evolves and refines its style, trying to going beyond a fairly conventional black/death metal. These five songs will make us wait until the release of a probable new album that will confirm (or not) the new path chosen by the band. 6/10

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