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Unheard anthems - 80%

kaivrykolakas, June 11th, 2007

This is a very rare release which listeners nowadays will find very difficult to get their hands on. Released by a Malaysian label which, according to the label, only pressed a few hundred copies of which 20 copies were given to the band as royalties, and the rest was more of mystery than history. So anyone interested in this release, please look for traders or if your parents are rich, get yourself ripped off by some geek E-bay sellers.

The music on this release are mainly in the death thrash range. Straight forward thrashy riffs supported by fast and furious drumworks courtesy of IMPIETY's Dajjal. The vocals are very low and deep groans, but may sound like it went through some harmonized mixing.

Normally, when recommending bands to my friends, I would try to state similarities but for Abbatory, it's quite difficult. Their music is similar to many bands in this genre but their sonwriting and delivery makes them different from the other bands.

The songwriting is typically of old school thrash metal - intro riff, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, verse, chorus, intro riff. But what's most important and necessary is that the band managed to write good riffs in the old school thrash metal way. The drumworks and vocals added the death metal dimension to the songs.

The two guitarists' musicianship are the highlights of this release. They managed to conjure up some memorable guitar solos. Everyone knows that Dajjal is a great drummer but on this release, he lacked that touch of greatness. He sounded as though lacking in ideas.

To end, I would definitely say that this is a good release because of the proficient musicianship and almost outstanding songwriting. This is something that listeners will buy for keeps, and would never put up on E-bay for auction.