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Playing it far too safe!!! - 55%

Infernali, July 6th, 2006

After the raucous debauchery of Vicious Attack the speed and thrash metal fraternity awaited this release with bated breath. The expectation of something very special was afoot, but unfortunately it didn’t materialise. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Abattoir’s second release. It contains all the trade marks associated with them, e.g. catchy songs, decent solos, and well thought out songs. The problem is it’s just too nice to be an Abattoir album. Vicious Attack did exactly what the title says and I reckon Abattoir decided to play it safe and try a more commercial affair but aim to keep the heaviness intact. They didn’t really achieve either as each song passes by without a nod of the head. On repeated listens this does get better and is standard metal fodder but nothing memorable. The change of vocalist, who albeit is better overall, just isn’t ferocious enough to make these songs more brutal. Every song on this release is comparable to those on Vicious Attack, but thrashers and speed metal freaks will be disappointed in the lack of overall intensity. The standout tracks of Bring on the Damned and Night of the Knife are quality metal songs and straight metallers might actually get this and consider it as an undiscovered gem, but I reckon the album is doomed to metal mediocrity. Playing it safe is not necessarily the best option in metal.