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Not too shabby - 70%

earthwormgaz, December 20th, 2006

All in all, a nice CD, with suitable creepy pencil drawn strangeness featuring prominently in the artwork. But does the content live up to the presentation ...

The bands sound conjures a few references for me. Obvious comparisons with bands like Khang, Khanate and Burning Witch are there. I also found myself wracking my brain for something familiar in the guitar sound, which turned out to be an Isis like quality. If you can imagine that latter band, Celestial period, with a little more beef and a little less pace (much of the CD is very slow), you should have an idea where the band are coming from.

Vocals are used sparsely on the CD, but where they are present, they are fairy uniform screams, that said, there isn't a desperate need for vocal variation when the vocals are employed so sparingly.

I would characterise the listen as "bleak". At over an hour, its quite a lengthy release, and it certainly carries a feeling of isolation as a result of this and the nature of the music on offer.