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Solid deathgrind - 80%

Life_Sucks, December 26th, 2003

I’m not all that much into grind, but I like this. Bringing the listener 24 songs in about 45 minutes of heavy as fuck, in your face deathgrind, I am glad that I bought this CD. Half of the songs are under two minutes, and only one of the songs is over three minutes, clocking in at 3:04. The first song starts with a heavy, chugging riff under the low deathgrunts of Bill Maher followed by the higher pitched screams of Corey Sloan. Then Bill handles the vocals himself over a typical blasting grind riff, which then leads into the chugging introductory riff again. Overall, the song has a very chaotic feeling, as do almost all the songs on this album. The songs are very fast most of the time, as grind usually is, but there are some cool slower paced chugging riffs too, like the main riff to the fourth track, Unclean. The dual vocal approach, which is utilized quite frequently throughout the album, is effective and fits the music. The guitar sound is very distorted and crushing. But the production is definitely not crystal clear, so it is sometimes hard to make out what the guitars are playing. However, since the guitar work is not very technical for the most part, this is not a problem most of the time. This CD is not for everyone. It is very heavy, and may be too extreme for those who don’t like grind or brutal death metal. If you need melody or perfect production, you will probably not like this CD very much. But if you like grind or raw, blasting death metal, this CD is worth checking out.