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Good for a demo. - 70%

Idrownfish, June 12th, 2010

Ab-sense is a young band, and although this demo is not the best there is in terms of death, it is still fairly good. All the songs have many characteristics of thrash metal, being one the most noticeable ones the riffs: they are fast and full of energy, which contrasts with the depressing, crazed riffs that are normally used in death metal.

The drums are very fast, but not necessarily creative. Sometimes the drummer sticks to a beat for two minutes or more, something he should avoid doing if he is trying to make quality death metal. The vocals are good, but they are not exactly what you are expecting to hear when you buy a death metal recording. They are aggressive and low-pitched, and they are much more like Sepultura than Amon Amarth. The production is not perfect, but it is much better than what you would expect in a demo.

"Isolation" and "Shameless Deeds" are the highlights in this demo, and are also the songs that are less influenced by thrash. Isolation's acoustic introduction is slow and tense, but the band doesn't manage to make it exactly atmospheric. It is also very repetitive, which would make it boring if it was some seconds longer. The song is rather interesting because the band switches between slow and fast tempos frequently, while combining the heavy riffs with acoustic timbres. Shameless Deeds is extremely different from Isolation: it is extremely heavy from beginning to end, and the drums are fast and loud except when the vocalist is doing his job. Both "Isolation" and "Shameless Deeds" have interesting solos, being Isolation's one very slow and emotional, while Shameless Deeds has a crazed and extremely fast solo. The title track is kind of nice and includes a very nice catchy riff, but that riff is unfortunately overused to the point of making the song boring.

This is not a must-have, but it is a good demo nonetheless. When these guys release their first full-length I will at least download it to see how much better they got.