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Unknown Band From Southern Norway - 89%

Killer_Clown, November 27th, 2011

That's a frequent phenomenon that some unknown bands (it occurs most frequent in Scandinavia, 'cause this area is very rich in talents) release praiseworthy albums. So, there we can see the proof of my aforesaid words. A Winter Within produced really high quality melodic black metal EP, but not more. After releasing "Lamentia" band splitted-up and re-banded under the new name Eld and haven't done anything worth to listen to since this EP was published.

In general "Lamentia" doesn't give you some new presentation about BM, it's just good melodic black metal with some folk influences. Of course, this EP isn't without flaws but certain moments definitely strikes, like that undescribable fragment between approximetly first and second minutes of the title song. Probably during the listening to this beautiful EP you might recognise the early Ancient. Rather long duration of all the songs is also a good fact about "Lamentia".

"Dying Embers", which is their best song on my opinion gives you the full conception of EP. It starts really rapidly and makes you shake your hair through the real black metal drive. Next four songs are not as interesting, fast and groovy as the first track, but also tolerable and enough pleasant to awake listener's interest.

So, if you got my idea you'll find some time to listen to that little-known quartet from Norway.

A real hidden gem - 91%

Visionary, July 29th, 2005

A Winter Within is a rather obscure band from Norway. Little is known about them except that they changed their name to Eld and it appears they re-released this album as a demo for Eld as well for some reason that is totally unknown to me.

I managed to get hold of the demo, Frostbitten fairly easily but getting hold of this album was far more difficult and it took me quite a long time. Compared to the demo this is a huge improvement. The fuzziness is gone and the band play a lot tighter than before.

To put it simply this album simply kicks ass. The melodies are largely folk oriented. They are slightly dark and often at the same time upbeat . A Winter Within has a fresh sound and I cannot compare them well with any other band I am aware of. The vocals are slightly muffled (less than the demo) and work well. The band plays very tight together as well and the production while not being crystal clear is only a little on the raw side and it works well. This is one of the best releases to come out of the fading Norwegian black metal scene in recent years.