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Ideal for those who lack some spiritual sickness! - 15%

caspian, May 27th, 2013

Quoting the wisest proto-existentialist won't make your music good, and you hope that ASuD realise this before they put out another release. This is some pretty boring, pretty amateurish stuff so lets get this over and done with because there's no way I can be bothered listening to this.

The first track's a good enough idea of what's on offer; some of the most boring riffs you'll hear this side of 40 Watt Sun with some of the lamest vocals you'll get this side of, I dunno. Damien Storm? It's a remarkably boring package here really; the riffs some kind of melodic death-doom exercise in generic-ness (but even more boring than that might sound) played by an accountant doped up on painkillers- never heard them, but I've always imagined this being exactly how Swallow the Sun would sound- while the singer does one of those "too nervous to actually sing" voices, mumbling his way throughout in one of the least passionate vocal performances you've ever heard. We've all heard stuff like this before- it's kind of Brave Murder Day but watered down a whole lot, then perhaps pissed on a bit. Stuff like modern Katatonia, Paradise Lost but with even less testosterone, or darkness or anything really! Remarkable in just how bland it is.

Between the various exercises in boredom there's a lot of ruminating on/reading straight out of Kierkegaard's A Sickness Unto Death and here's where I have to get my offended fanboy on, 'cos man does it sound trivialised. ...Unto Death while not Kierkegaard's best (few if any people have ever written anything as good as Works of Love, so this is no diss) is a pretty excellent slab of confusing but ultimately truly beautiful philosophy, and here it's turned into, well, supreme boredom by way of really tame riffs and half assed vocal deliveries. Analogies here would be someone reading, I dunno, Plato via farts, or Nightwish covering a beautiful Shakespeare sonnest word for word, you get what I'm coming from here. It's not a good scene dudes.

Not much more to say here really. Remarkably boring and not something ever worth hearing. Perhaps this is some meta-meta-commentary on Kierkegaard's treatise, in which case well played! However it's most certainly not so in conclusion I'd say this is some of the most boring shit you'll ever hear and you're best off avoiding it forever.